[SciPy-dev] scikits.statsmodels, new source distribution

josef.pktd@gmai... josef.pktd@gmai...
Thu Sep 17 22:14:13 CDT 2009

This week, Skipper and I fixed some bugs, did some cleaning (renaming
for consistency) and added more examples and additional code to the

I added a source distribution file at


which is the same as current trunk, but maybe more convenient for
those without bazaar. This file doesn't contain the html docs since
there were no changes since b1.

We still have a few more improvements in mind before we will get to a
release of scikits.statsmodels-0.1.0b2, but for those who want to try
some regression in python with the webinar, the trunk is an
improvement compared to b1 and passes the test suite.

We welcome any bug reports and any ideas for improvements (and any
comments, contributions, criticism,...)


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