[SciPy-dev] fortran compiler arguments for scipy build?

Hugo Shi humongo.shi@gmail....
Fri Sep 18 00:02:28 CDT 2009

I'm trying to build a 32 bit version of scipy on a 64 bit RHEL5 box.

My build dies on fftpack, and it looks like it's cause gfortran needs to
be called with the -m32 argument to make it compile for 32 bit systems.
I've tried using config_fc, and distutils.cfg, and setup.cfg to make it
do so, but nothing seems to work, can someone help me?

I've tried doing this inthe command line - 
python setup.py config_fc --opt=m32 build

as well as  adding the following lines to configs

in a local setup.cfg and in distutils.cfg in python2.6/distutil

nothing seems to work.

I've built numpy, lapack, BLAS and python all with a 32 bit target.

Thanks in advanced.

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