[SciPy-dev] reimplementation of lfilter

Ravi lists_ravi@lavabit....
Wed Sep 23 07:29:58 CDT 2009


On Wednesday 23 September 2009 04:31:40 David Cournapeau wrote:
>  - it is much more likely that your improvements will be included if
> you provide patches instead of rewrite of the full code - it makes
> reviewing much easier.

In this case, I respectfully disagree; the full rewrite actually makes sense 
when comparing the previous code to the current one.

>  - I would also prefer having C instead of C++ as well - in this case,
> C++ does not bring much since we have our "templating" system and you
> don't use the STL much.
>  - In any case, please do not use exception, it is not portable.

Are there any such compilers on which scipy can be compiled? The only compiler 
on which exceptions are still a problem (as far as I know) is OpenWatcom, but 
scipy cannot be compiled using that compiler anyway. For all major *nixes 
(Linux, Solaris, HPUX, AIX(!), *BSD), both the system C++ compiler and the 
major external compilers (usually gcc & icc) provide full exception support. 
On Windows, only versions upto MSVC6 have problems (but they cannot be used to 
compile python extensions). Even the proprietary ARM and MIPS compilers 
support exceptions. On the embedded side, the only compiler that I can think 
of that does not support real C++ is Keil, but is anyone running scipy on an 


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