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Fri Apr 2 00:54:15 CDT 2010

On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 9:41 PM, David Cournapeau <david@silveregg.co.jp>wrote:

> Warren Weckesser wrote:
> > Each package has the file "info.py" (e.g. scipy/linalg/info.py) that
> > contains a docstring.  For linalg, roughly the same information is in
> > doc/source/linalg.rst.  Which is the file that is currently maintained,
> > and which can we get rid of?  Running "make html" in doc/ uses the .rst
> > file, but the corresponding web page at docs.scipy.org
> > (http://docs.scipy.org/scipy/docs/scipy.linalg/) appears to be from the
> > file info.py.

IIRC, this has come up before, but I don't recall the resolution (if there
was any) and GMANE doesn't search for periods so there appears to be no
efficient way to search the list for info.py AND .rst ("info.py" returned
occurrences of .py) - does anyone recall and/or know where/how to find that


> >
> > More basic question:  when I have the trunk checked out, what is "the
> > way" to build the docs?
> If you want to build the doc for the scipy you have in your trunk, you
> need to build and install scipy first (so that the docstrings can be
> extracted).
> The way I do it when generating the scipy binaries is:
>        - create a virtual env and activate it
>        - install scipy through python setupsconsegg.py install (or
> setupegg.py
> - I prefer using scons because I can build scipy very quickly on a
> multicore machine)
>        - then build the doc (cd doc && make html)
> cheers,
> David
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