[SciPy-Dev] linalg: cho_solve in basic.py and decomp.py

Warren Weckesser warren.weckesser@enthought....
Tue Apr 6 23:53:33 CDT 2010

 I just noticed that the function cho_solve() is implemented in both 
basic.py and decomp.py in the linalg package.  In __init__.py, decomp is 
imported after basic, so its implementation is used.  Both are wrappers 
of the lapack function potrs,  and they do almost exactly the same 
thing, but the implementation in basic.py handles an additional boolean 
keyword argument, 'overwrite_b'.

Any objections if I merge the two into one implementation in basic.py 
(where the solvers seem to live), and keep the extra keyword argument?


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