[SciPy-Dev] Release candidate 2 for NumPy 1.4.1 and SciPy 0.7.2

Alan G Isaac aisaac@american....
Wed Apr 14 13:28:27 CDT 2010

The NumPy tests still produce one assertion error.
Matplotlib seems to work fine.
Alan Isaac
(Python 2.6.5, Vista 64 bit)

FAIL: test_special_values (test_umath_complex.TestClog)
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "C:\Python26\lib\site-packages\numpy\core\tests\test_umath_complex.py", l
ine 179, in test_special_values
     assert_almost_equal(np.log(x), y)
   File "C:\Python26\lib\site-packages\numpy\testing\utils.py", line 437, in asse
     "DESIRED: %s\n" % (str(actual), str(desired)))
AssertionError: Items are not equal:
ACTUAL: [ NaN+2.35619449j]
DESIRED: (inf+2.35619449019j)

Ran 2335 tests in 13.177s

FAILED (KNOWNFAIL=7, SKIP=1, failures=1)
<nose.result.TextTestResult run=2335 errors=0 failures=1>

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