[SciPy-Dev] Release candidate 2 for NumPy 1.4.1 and SciPy 0.7.2

David david@silveregg.co...
Thu Apr 15 20:00:30 CDT 2010

On 04/15/2010 08:06 PM, Ralf Gommers wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 6:37 PM, Dag Sverre Seljebotn
> <dagss@student.matnat.uio.no <mailto:dagss@student.matnat.uio.no>> wrote:
>     Ralf Gommers wrote:
>      >
>      > These warnings are a known problem, coming from Cython code. They're
>      > annoying but harmless, and not easy to turn off. So for this release
>      > it looks like it'll stay this way.
>     Actually, you can use the warnings module to set up a filter on the
>     Cython warnings in the main SciPy import.
> Thanks Dag, that's quite straightforward. This works:
> warnings.filterwarnings(action='ignore', message='.*numpy.dtype size
> changed.*')
> warnings.filterwarnings(action='ignore', message='.*numpy.flatiter size
> changed.*')

I think it is ok to keep the filters for the release, but I think we 
should be let them on otherwise (for non-released versions), the 
warnings may be helpful in some situations. IOW, I would rather not set 
the filters in the trunk, only in 1.4.x for the release,

thanks for the great work, Ralf,


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