[SciPy-Dev] Update on the "Needs editing" numpy docstrings

David Goldsmith d.l.goldsmith@gmail....
Thu Apr 29 01:24:36 CDT 2010

Hi, all!  I've been working on the remaining "Needs editing" status numpy
docstrings, of which there are presently 74.  I've compiled two lists: those
I think might be classifiable as "Unimportant," and those I think might
require somewhat lengthy docstrings (the latter list is meant to try to
recruit helpers). ;-)  Here are those lists:

    List of potentially "Unimportant"s
timeinteger (autogenerated subclass of signedinteger)
timedelta64 (autogenerated subclass of timeinteger)
Everything in distutils that still has status "Needs editing"
linalg (docstring - which consists of tables of objects - auto-generated?)
f2py.diagnose and its "Needs editing" status attributes
dtype.base and dtype.metadata

    List of potentially "long" ones
All "Needs editing" status doc.*
core.umath, core.shape_base, core.function_base

If you have opinions on these (or if you look at the whole list of remaining
"Needs editing" docstrings and feel that I've left some off the
"Unimportant" list) please do chime in.


Mathematician: noun, someone who disavows certainty when their uncertainty
set is non-empty, even if that set has measure zero.
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