[SciPy-Dev] First contact

Roberto Bucher roberto.bucher@supsi...
Wed Aug 11 03:40:42 CDT 2010

Hi all

I'm new in the mailing list and I'd like to contact people responsible of the 
signal/ltisys module.

I'm working on a porting of all my control functions from Scicoslab under 
Python and I found some errors(?) in the signal/ltisys module. In addition I 
added some code to the module for handling state space MIMO systems.

The first problem was related with the function "ss2tf" which gives as return 
numerator a 2 dimensional array, not more usable by the print function of the 
class. I added these lines at the end of the function:

    # Avoid leading zeros in num
    while num[0]==0:

but I don't want to get problems with other modules...

Best regards


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