[SciPy-dev] Changes to trunk/scipy/optimize

Rob Clewley rob.clewley@gmail....
Tue Feb 9 14:49:07 CST 2010

> I completely understand your reasoning. However, I would still find it useful
> if there were a docstring section named "similar packages", mentioning either of
> a) relevant packages that are closely painfully integrated with scipy and are
>   generally regarded as useful
> b) a link to the relevant URL of the topical software guide.
> Option (a) might lead to some "political" problems, which I cannot imagine
> being difficult. Option (b) would be useful in any case. While checking out
> code the Topical Software Pages or the Scipy Wiki are not the immediately
> obvious places to look for more relevant information.

+1 for (b). It achieves the same thing as (a) with only minimal
additional inconvenience to the user but much greater convenience to
developers of the external codes and to the maintainers of the scipy
code. There is already a one stop shop for this info at the Topical
Software wiki page, and this just has to be better advertised IMO.


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