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Robert Layton robertlayton@gmail....
Wed Feb 10 15:54:03 CST 2010

>2010/2/10 St?fan van der Walt <stefan@sun.ac.za>:
>> Hi Robert
>> On 10 February 2010 06:38, Robert Layton <robertlayton@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> I submitted a fix for ticket #467 a while ago, which is quite a simple
>>> As scipy's mean and std functions are now passing through to numpy,
there is
>>> little reason to test them as part of scipy (the appropriate tests
should be
>>> in numpy).
>>> Even if its decided that the tests should be retained, theres a patch
>>> that (r) as well.
>> Sorry for not paying attention to this earlier. ?I think we should
>> remove tests that only validate numpy's behaviour, so your
>> `without_numpy.patch' looks good. ?Unfortunately, it doesn't apply
>> cleanly; would you have a chance to look at it again?
>this was sitting in my drafts folder since November
>Sorry, for not replying earlier, I have seen your patches before but I
>don't know
>what I would prefer.
>I agree that numpy functions should be tested in numpy. On the other hand,
>the stats tests already include additional test matrices, that can be used
>to check the precision of the numpy functions. And I would like to
>(As an example, numpy random is mostly tested in scipy.stats since there
>pdf, pmf and cdf of the distributions are available.)
>The point for stats is that I didn't find any precision test in the
>numpy test suite for mean, var and so on.
>When I wrote the anova tests using the NIST reference cases,
>numpy.mean did pretty badly for the badly scaled test cases. I never
>checked the NIST test cases specifically for mean, var, ...
>I still don't know where precision tests should be, but the outcome
>would be very useful. In ANOVA I ended up calculating the mean twice
>(if the dataset is badly scaled) to pass the NIST test.
>(google is not very informative about donkeys and piles of hay)

I have updated the patch and it now applys to the current SVN version.
As I stated in the ticket, there is a problem with my build environment with
a different test (test_ltisys.TestSS2TF.test_basic(0, 3, 3) ...  ** On entry
to DGEEV  parameter number  5 had an illegal value ) so I can't verify that
the test works, but it does build and install.


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