[SciPy-dev] Web space for docstring-linked PDFs?

David Warde-Farley dwf@cs.toronto....
Thu Feb 11 01:20:24 CST 2010

On 10-Feb-10, at 5:48 PM, Robert Kern wrote:

> I would like to make the PDFs of the ODRPACK User's Guide available
> somewhere on (docs.)scipy.org in order to provide a stable URL for
> them. The URL currently in the scipy.odr docstring is now broken. I
> currently have them on my own web space, but it would be nice to have
> them available somewhere stable on scipy.org (although not as a wiki
> attachment). I am now getting an email every month or so telling me
> that the link is broken. Is there a reasonable place in the
> docs.scipy.org infrastructure where I can place these static files
> such that they will be backed up and eventually migrated along with
> the rest of the infrastructure as it evolves?

I don't have an answer but I think it's an important question. A  
number of times in the scipy.org-Sphinx effort I've been worried about  
where to stick old wiki attachments and how to link to them so that  
those links will be fairly stable for years to come. Wiki attachments  
are nice in this way but the wiki has other problems...


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