[SciPy-dev] SciPy and vision

Keith Curtis keithcu@gmail....
Sun Jan 3 23:32:02 CST 2010


I have become convinced that SciPy is the best software community for people
doing scientific computing, and hope more people join up.

But one thing I see is not much computer vision code in SciPy. The image
processing seems powerful but very basic right now. People can use OpenCV or
one of its 3 Python wrappers, but it has defined its own Matrix class, etc.
Researchers have told me that they don't like to use OpenCV because it is a
monotholic monstrosity. The community seems quite unhealthy (e-mail traffic
is quite low and much about build issues [1]) because I think it is so
tempting for people to roll their own (
rather than spending months learning all of its eccentricities.

I think you guys should keep working on your image processing support and
build a better place for vision researchers to easily jump into. Is this in



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