[SciPy-dev] Please stress-test SVN version pf matlab reader

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Wed Jan 6 04:25:03 CST 2010


>>> import scipy.io as sio
>>> a = sio.loadmat('your_matfile_here.mat')
>>> should successfully read any non-HDF matlab-written matfile - and this
>>> is just to ask if those of you, with mat files lying around, could try
>>> out the latest SVN version, and let me know that I am wrong, most
>>> usefully with some way of me being able to reproduce the problem.
>> That's great news. I have just added the numscons scripts for the new files.
>> Funnily enough, I was just toying with sparse matrices, and needed to
>> load some sparse matrices. Here is the problem I got with some sparse
>> files:
>> from scipy.io import loadmat
>> loadmat("odepa400.mat")
>> This raises an exception:

Thank you - just what I was hoping for - and thank you for tracking it
down as well - fixed in trunk, with test.

See you,


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