[SciPy-dev] RFC: initial support for Harwell-Boeing files

David Cournapeau david@silveregg.co...
Sun Jan 17 23:28:11 CST 2010


I have added basic support for Harwell-Boeing file format support, for 
sparse matrices. I would be happy to receive to get some reviews on the 
API before pushing this into the trunk, as well as bug reports from 
people who have matrices in such a format:


The code is in scipy.sparse.io. Two API are supported:
   - a simple, function-based one: read_hb(filename) and 
write_hb(filename, m)
   - a more complete API based on HBFile and HBInfo, to control the 
exact format, get the metadata when reading. The simple API is just 
sugar on top on this one

For now, only read/write is supported for Real, Unsymmetric, Assembled 
matrices, as that's what I need.

There is also some code to deal with fortran-formatted field: maybe this 
can be useful outside HB IO, although I only parse a limited subset of 
fortran format for now (exponential format and integer format).



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