[SciPy-dev] compilation with fort77

Thomas Tanner tanner@gmx...
Mon Jan 25 17:14:26 CST 2010


David Cournapeau wrote:
>> Could some Fortran expert please help me to make it fort77 compatible?
> This file is using some F90/F95 - I am not sure what the policy is on 
> this point, but don't think we want to guarantee that we will never use 
> fortran > F77.

it's currently the only function in scipy that is not F77 compatible.
It could be very simple to achieve F77 compatibility at least for the
next release by fixing it.

> Can't you get gfortran running on your platform ? Cross-compiling 
> gfortran  for your platform should not be difficult

Unfortunately, no. that's nearly impossible.
I have to rely on a device specific gcc toolchain for which I don't
have access to the sources or configuration.

I guess fixing this one function should be much less effort.

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