[SciPy-dev] compilation with fort77

Thomas Tanner tanner@gmx...
Tue Jan 26 01:30:52 CST 2010

David Cournapeau wrote:
>> Unfortunately, no. that's nearly impossible.
>> I have to rely on a device specific gcc toolchain for which I don't
>> have access to the sources or configuration.
> Maybe I misunderstand your configuration, but that sounds like it
> would violate the gcc license as it is. Compiling your own toolchain
> is not that difficult.

the sources for all components may be available but patching,
fine-tuning, building and verifying that it works for on a specific
platform it is not trivial. That's why companies like
CodeSourcery exist. Also consider the effort and the risk of getting
something wrong in a few lines for Fortran vs. millions lines of code of
a toolchain.

> I thought maemo was based on Debian ? Debian has a gfortran compiler
> for both X86 and ARMEL, which are the archs supported by maemo, right

The SDK and autobuilder for Maemo use the scratchbox environment for
compilation, which ships a gcc toolchain for both X86 and ARMEL.
You cannot modify those toolchains from within scratchbox.
I'd have to build and upload a complete toolchain (and make sure that it
does not conflict with the main toolchain) just to compile a single
function!? Isn't that breaking a butterfly on a wheel?

>> I guess fixing this one function should be much less effort.
> the problem is not so much fixing this function as much as scipy to
> only depend on F77 code. Although much of the fortran legacy is in
> F77, a lot of more recent libraries use F90 or F95.

?? 100% of scipy's dependencies and 99% of scipy itself work fine with
F77. there's no need to require scipy to be F77 compatible for all
future releases but we are so close to that goal for the current version.

Is there really no Fortran programmer who could fix that function?

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