[SciPy-dev] compilation with fort77

Pauli Virtanen pav+sp@iki...
Tue Jan 26 03:22:21 CST 2010

Tue, 26 Jan 2010 08:30:52 +0100, Thomas Tanner wrote:
>>> I guess fixing this one function should be much less effort.
>> the problem is not so much fixing this function as much as scipy to
>> only depend on F77 code. Although much of the fortran legacy is in F77,
>> a lot of more recent libraries use F90 or F95.
> ?? 100% of scipy's dependencies and 99% of scipy itself work fine with
> F77. there's no need to require scipy to be F77 compatible for all
> future releases but we are so close to that goal for the current
> version.
> Is there really no Fortran programmer who could fix that function?

There is, we're just short on time as usual.

The temp variables should be added to the argument list, and made 
intent(cache,hide) variables or something in the .pyf file.

Pauli Virtanen

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