[SciPy-Dev] scikits contribution?

Jonathan Stickel jjstickel@vcn....
Wed Jul 7 15:42:04 CDT 2010

Some time ago, I offered to contribute (on the scipy-user list) some 
code to smooth 1-D data by regularization:


Someone suggested that scikits might be the right place:


So I am finally looking into scikits, and I am not sure how to proceed. 
  My code consists of several functions in a single .py file.  It seems 
overkill to create a new scikit for just one file, but I do not see an 
existing scikit that matches.  'Optimization' would be the closest; in 
core scipy I would put it in 'interpolate'.

So, what is the minimum that I need to do to create a scikit and upload 
my code?  Any suggestions for the name of the scikit (interpolate, 

Please know that I am just starting to learn python, being a convert 
from matlab/octave.  Although I have become fairly proficient using 
numpy/scipy in ipython, I do not know much about python internals, 
setuptools, etc.


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