[SciPy-Dev] SciPy docs: volunteers needed now!

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Fri Jul 9 11:44:42 CDT 2010


>> Actually, all you have to do (have used in both senses of the word, i.e.,
>> are "required" to do and all that is necessary to do) is click on the log
>> link when viewing a docstring in the Wiki, note the person who worked on it
>> last, how long ago that was, and then as Ben says, if it was in the last
>> three months, give or take, contact them and ask them if it would be ok if
>> you worked on it.
> Sorry to come back late to this thread.

Partly in response to an off-list mail - I'm resending this one.

I'd like to ask, whether you (I guess particularly Joe, and David G)
think more discussion on this topic is a good idea - or whether you'd
rather be left to get on with things.    I think that might be the
same question as, do you think you have a sustainable long-term
solution to the problem of reduced community input on the
documentation project?

See you,


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