[SciPy-Dev] f2py, the fortran integer type, and npy_intp

Sturla Molden sturla@molden...
Sat Jul 10 16:49:44 CDT 2010

Charles R Harris skrev:
> I note that some c programs try to call f2py generated fortran 
> interfaces using the npy_intp type for the array dimension. There are 
> two problems here, first the prototype for the generated wrapper uses 
> int causing compiler warnings on a 64 bit os, and second, the fortran 
> subroutines themselves use integer types. So some questions. What 
> precision are fortran integers? 
Precision is determined by the kind number, which is implementation 
dependent. In other words, "you cannot know". The only portable solution 
to this is to use Fortran 2003 C bindings. The Fortran compiler knows 
it's own internal details.


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