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David Goldsmith d.l.goldsmith@gmail....
Tue Jul 20 14:13:03 CDT 2010

OK, my apologies, I "buried" this very important news in an email w/ the
vague subject "Skypecon tomorrow: important agenda item!": Vincent Davis, to
whom we owe much gratitude, is nearing completion of adding the two-review
infrastructure to the doc Wiki!  Accordingly, it is time to start actively
recruiting technical and presentation reviewers.

As announced previously (in an email different from the one referred to
above) I have added a "Reviewer Standards and Recruitment
(RSRD) page to the Wiki, and have since started it off w/ some comments on
reviewer standards proffered by Joe H.; if you have any opinions on reviewer
recruitment--be they on standards, procedures, or "other"--please voice

To get the ball rolling: it has been suggested in the past (I forget by whom
specifically) that we proceed by issuing on the lists (numpy-discussion,
scipy-user, scipy-dev, and astropy) a formal recruitment announcement w/ the
qualifications expected and desired of both types of reviewers, as well as
the application procedure and a description of how reviewers will be
selected.  Joe has furnished us w/ some of the first on the RSRD page, but
presently we are lacking specification of the latter two.

I could simply draft such a recruitment announcement and put it up here for
discussion, but there's (at least) one problem w/ that scenario: IMO, review
and acceptance of applicants should be by a committee of at least two,
preferably three "prominent" community members who, either by choice or due
to, say, having been significant contributors of text to the docstrings,
will not themselves be reviewer candidates, and at this time, no such
committee exists (nor is there any expressed consensus w/ this applicant
evaluation model).

So, ideally, this email is a request that we begin a discussion and
elaboration of my proposed applicant evaluation model, or at a minimum, a
request for volunteers to step forward to be on a "Reviewer Applicant Review
and Acceptance Committee."

Thanks for your time and consideration,

David Goldsmith
Olympia, WA
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