[SciPy-Dev] Development process (was: scipy.stats)

Travis Oliphant oliphant@enthought....
Tue Jun 1 00:02:42 CDT 2010

On May 31, 2010, at 9:09 PM, Matthew Brett wrote:

> Hi David,
>> I'm sure you mean (for it's the nature of this list, is it not, that we all
>> have free rein to be as diplomatic, or not, as we wish) something along the
>> lines of: if you tone it down a bit and make it less personal, i.e., be a
>> bit more 'diplomatic,' then people are more likely to take you seriously.
> Sorry - I should have replied to the earlier thread after starting this one.
> I think that is indeed Charles' point, that the best thing to do, is
> to identify the general problem, where the problem does not start with
> 'if only X would not ...'  but is more on the lines of 'there must be
> a problem in our process because the following things happen fairly
> often ... '
> That's what I am trying to do with this thread.   I think we have
> structural problem in organization, where it is not clear what the
> process for code maintenance is.  I think many people believe that we
> need such a process, but, given we do not have one, it is inevitable
> that things like this (significant portions of untested code suddenly
> appearing in trunk) are going to happen.
> What we need is a ) agreement that there is problem and b) an idea of
> how to go forward.
> I think it's also obvious that that conversation has to happen in
> public and on record so we can all have our say and agree.   I'm sure
> it's possible to do that.
> And - Travis (sorry - I am sure you are doing more enjoyable things
> for Memorial day) - of course it's essential that you join in with and
> / or lead that conversation.

How many people interested in this discussion will be at SciPy this year?  It may be a good idea to have a discussion about this at the conference.    We could phone conference others in as well so that every voice can be heard. 

I do think we need to address this issue.   I did not realize I was offending people with my enthusiasm for having a chance to work on SciPy.   I have always resisted too much "procedure" and "policy" so that it becomes difficult for people to contribute.    I really think technology changes and DVCS can help with this process. 


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