[SciPy-Dev] Recent changes to scipy stats

Travis Oliphant oliphant@enthought....
Tue Jun 1 03:25:31 CDT 2010

> IMO, the problem - in general, not just w/ any one person - is not the particulars of what's been done, but the attitude, when it's exhibited by an individual, any individual, that the rules may be disregarded when that individual, any individual, unilaterally and spontaneously decides those rules are inconvenient.  The rules are there for very good reasons; paraphrasing a recent set of statements by Robert K.:

What is the rule that has been broken exactly?   I'd really like to know what people are actually annoyed by and who exactly is annoyed? 

Perhaps my confidence with committing to trunk is what is fundamentally the issue.  It's clear that some people prefer a different process and perhaps the move to a distributed version control will help things.   

I do feel a certain confidence with code that I have written and I like to get changes into trunk quickly.   That has always been my style.    I don't think I have changed in this regard.   Perhaps it is seen as brazen or inconsiderate, but I don't see it that way.    I actually think it very inconsiderate that I should be treated with such rudeness for contributing needed functionality.   

Sometimes rules become rules inappropriately.  Why should one development process hold sway over another?  Who is right?  Well, clearly, it's just a matter of the people around and what they want to see.   If the majority here want to see a different process, then that's where we will go.  But, to really do it, we will need to move to a distributed version control process, I think --- or at least I will need to.  I will try to work on that when I can find the motivation. 


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