[SciPy-Dev] git on windows (was: scipy.stats)

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Tue Jun 1 14:24:41 CDT 2010


I thought I'd split this one off onto its own thread too because it's
an important issue independent of scipy.stats

> For me it's easier to develop and mature inside a pure python package,
> which is also more accessible for new contributors. One of my wishful
> target audience are contributors on Windows, which would become rather
> difficult as part of scipy and git.

I would imagine that everyone agrees that it's very important that we
have developers like you (Josef) who are using windows as their main
platform.  It's by far the best way to make sure we are shaking out
bugs on windows.

So, given that there seems a strong mood to switch to git, we should
make sure that this does not cause problems for windows developers.

So: Josef - and others

a) are there any problems that you know of using git from the windows shell?
b) Do you think you would prefer to use mercurial as a client for the
git repo : http://github.com/blog/439-hg-git-mercurial-plugin ?  In
that case we should set up documentation for that.
c) Do you want to stick with bzr?   That might be possible
http://github.com/matthew-brett/git-bzr) but that will likely be
considerably harder than a mercurial client.

See you,


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