[SciPy-Dev] git on windows (was: scipy.stats)

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Tue Jun 1 14:44:00 CDT 2010


>> a) are there any problems that you know of using git from the windows
>> shell?
> None in principle here (and from what I've garnered through the discussion,
> I am supportive of the move, as long as we don't deprecate the SVN trunk too
> quickly), but do we have anyone, even just one person, who is already
> reasonably facile in this regard who'd be willing to support others through
> the transition?

I would not claim to be very experienced, but I have not had any
problems using msysgit with either the windows shell or the (rather
good) windows power shell.    The bash shell does have problems but
the windows shells have proved more useful.

I'd certainly be willing to help as far as I can - but I think the
next step is to find what problems people are having (or expect to
have) and go from there.

See you,


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