[SciPy-Dev] git on windows (was: scipy.stats)

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Tue Jun 1 17:14:45 CDT 2010


> My main problem with git was the treatment of the file system, and I
> find it much easier to work with separate branches as in bzr or
> mercurial.

Yes, it is true that the git lightweight branch model takes some time
to get used to.  My experience is that it's quick to get used to the
git way, and once I did, it was a large relief to get rid of all those
branch directories when we switched, but I understand that it is a

I am sure you know this, but you can replicate the heavyweight
branches of hg and bzr with:

# initial git clone of 'trunk'
git clone git://github.com/nipy/nipy.git
# make a heavyweight branch
git clone nipy my-nipy-branch
# push somewhere
# First add repo for the branch via github interface, then
cd my-nipy-branch
git remote add origin git@github.com:matthew-brett/my-nipy-branch.git
git push origin master

I think you'd agree that it's not a windows / unix difference though.
I'd agree it is a larger conceptual leap from svn to git than it is
from svn to bzr or svn to mercurial.  The git argument is that making
that initial leap gives you a great deal of freedom and flexibility,
but it can be intimidating at first.

> As long as it is possible to stick with the basic workflow of git
> without anything fancy, similar what I have seen while skimming the
> nipy docs, I think it is not a problem on windows.

I think that is true that most of us won't need to go further than the
nipy basic workflow - but we haven't been using git long enough to
know that very well.  I would defer to the git masters out there -
David, Pauli and others - ?

> However, if/when parts of statsmodels go into scipy and I have to do
> maintenance of less isolated code, then I think the Mercurial
> interface might be my preferred choice.
> I haven't used Mercurial much yet, but I don't see any problems with it.
> So, the bottom line is, that documentation for the hg-git interface
> would be very useful for Windows users (or those that think git is a
> strange/unfamiliar concept.)

So - two issues:

1) The conceptual issues involved in switching mind-set from svn or
bzr to git.  That may require some thought and documentation
2) There might be some technical issues using git on windows - but I
think so far we don't have any reason to think so?
3) Some people may prefer mercurial for other reasons; it would be
good to respect that if possible.

So, it may well be worth making a hg-git doc for numpy when we do the
transition - with the caveats that David raised.

In the meantime, it would be very good to hear of any problems that do
come up specifically using git on windows...

See you,


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