[SciPy-Dev] why this not report an error for a.dtype=float when a is mixed struc array

Vincent Davis vincent@vincentdavis....
Fri Jun 4 19:49:27 CDT 2010

Is there a reason not to have this return an error.
>>> a1 = np.array([(1,3.3),(2,4.4)], dtype=[('a', int),('b', float)])
>>> a1
array([(1, 3.2999999999999998), (2, 4.4000000000000004)],
      dtype=[('a', '<i8'), ('b', '<f8')])
>>> a1.dtype=float
>>> a1
array([  4.94065646e-324,   3.30000000e+000,   9.88131292e-324,

It seems that this could really cause problems if you did not notice
what was going on.


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