[SciPy-Dev] A doc-related, check-in-related request

David Goldsmith d.l.goldsmith@gmail....
Sat Jun 5 02:11:02 CDT 2010

Hi!  If you add documented code to NumPy or SciPy, the Wiki will pull the
docstring and will give it the status of "Needs editing," even if you have
supplied a "Needs review"-quality docstring.  Also, even if your docstring
isn't "Needs review"-quality, you, as code writer, are presumably the best
person to "own" the docstring, be it for the purpose of finishing it later
or serving as a reference for someone else to do so.  So, I make the
following general request: a few days after you commit your code (give it a
few days because the Wiki doesn't always pull right away), please visit your
new committed objects in the Wiki and do one of two things: if you feel the
docstring is "finished," please go ahead and promote it to "Needs review"
status; if you feel the docstring is unfinished, please "claim" it by
editing it (if you don't have time for substantive edits, you can just add a
line break or something similarly trivial, just something so that the Wiki
will record you as having made an edit), which in turn will automatically
promote it to "Being written" (which alerts others to check the log to see
if someone else is working on the docstring).  This way, new docstrings
don't make our progress look, in the Wiki, like regress.  Thanks!

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