[SciPy-Dev] ANN: SciPy 0.8.0 beta 1

Neil Crighton neilcrighton@gmail....
Mon Jun 7 06:34:04 CDT 2010

Ralf Gommers <ralf.gommers <at> googlemail.com> writes:

>  I'm pleased to announce the first beta release of SciPy
> 0.8.0.SciPy is a package of tools for science and engineering
> for Python.It includes modules for statistics, optimization,
> integration, linearalgebra, Fourier transforms, signal and
> image processing, ODE solvers, and more.This beta release comes
> almost one and a half year after the 0.7.0 release andcontains
> many new features, numerous bug-fixes, improved testcoverage,
> and better documentation.  Please note that SciPy 0.8.0b1
> requires Python 2.4 or greater and NumPy 1.4.1 or greater.

Thanks for getting the beta out!

The release notes say Numpy 1.3 or greater is needed - is this
correct? Above you say 1.4.1 is needed. I think "support for
Python 3 in Scipy might not yet be included in Scipy 0.8" is too
ambiguous. Just say 0.8 will not be compatible with Python 3, but
we expect the next version (0.9?) to be compatible, if that's the

Cheers, Neil

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