[SciPy-Dev] ANN: SciPy 0.8.0 beta 1

bowie_22 m.boumans@gmx....
Sun Jun 6 00:45:28 CDT 2010

Ralf Gommers <ralf.gommers <at> googlemail.com> writes:

> I'm pleased to announce the first beta release of SciPy 0.8.0.SciPy is a
package of tools for science and engineering for Python.It includes modules for
statistics, optimization, integration, linearalgebra, Fourier transforms, signal
and image processing, ODE solvers,
> and more.This beta release comes almost one and a half year after the 0.7.0
release andcontains many new features, numerous bug-fixes, improved
testcoverage, and better documentation.  Please note that SciPy 0.8.0b1
> requires Python 2.4 or greater and NumPy 1.4.1 or greater.For information,
please see the release
notes:http://sourceforge.net/projects/scipy/files/scipy/0.8.0b1/NOTES.txt/viewYou can
download the release from here:https://sourceforge.net/projects/scipy/Python
2.5/2.6 binaries for Windows and OS X are available as well as source tarballs
for other platforms. Thank you to everybody who contributed to this
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Hello everybody,

I just have read the announcement for  SciPy 0.8.0 and of course I have
installed it immediatly.
I am quite new in Scipy (coming from Matlab) and I thought a good starting point
for a contribution would be to review and check the Scipy documentation.

I added some hints in 


and now I ask myself how the release of the documentation is conntected to the
release of a new scipy version. 
Is it connected at all?

Browsing throw the docs give at 
shows a documentation for scipy 0.7.
Does "...and better documentation..." mean an improvement in the docstrings
(As I am still not sure which place is the best to look at)?

As a scipy rookie I would appreciate same information about this topics (release
of documentation and release of a new scipy package)

Thank you!


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