[SciPy-Dev] adding test to test_random.py

Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Sun Jun 13 19:10:02 CDT 2010

On Sun, Jun 13, 2010 at 18:59, Vincent Davis <vincent@vincentdavis.net> wrote:
> I was thinking that I could add a test to test_random.py withing numpy
> to test rand(), randn()..
> I added a few tests and modified/saved it to my currently install
> numpy. The test should fail but I get no failed tests. I guess there
> is something I don't know :)
> I added  (assert 1==2 #just to make sure it fails :) but the randn
> test should also fail.
> class TestRandomDist(TestCase):
>    """ Make sure the random distrobution return the correct value for a
>    given seed
>    """
>    self.seed = 1234567890

This is not correct. At the class level, there is no "self".

>    def test_rand(self):
>        np.random.seed(self.seed)
>        actual = np.random.rand(3,3)
>        desired = array([[ 0.61879477,  0.59162363,  0.88868359],
>                         [ 0.8916548 ,  0.45756748,  0.77818808],
>                         [ 0.26706377,  0.99610621,  0.54009489]])

These are not full precision. Use set_print_options() to raise the
precision to 17 before printing out the desired results.

>        assert actual == desired

Do not use asserts; they are turned off in optimized .pyo compiled
bytecode. Use np.testing.assert_array_equal(). This may or may not be
the reason you are not seeing the failures you are expecting. Run the
test suite with some verbosity so that the names of the test functions
will print out.

Robert Kern

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