[SciPy-Dev] scipy.io.recaster?

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Mon Jun 14 03:20:07 CDT 2010


> I am working on the documentation for scipy.io, and I came across the
> recaster module.  Looking through it, I really start to wonder if it should
> be a part of numpy or possibly belong elsewhere in scipy.  The best I can
> tell, its job is to do "smart" recasting of the data values in numpy
> arrays.  There doesn't seem to be any saving to files or reading from files,
> which is what everything else in scipy.io does.

Sorry - that one's mine.  I intended to use it for deciding the matlab
output type for any given numpy input type, but I never plumbed it
into the reader, so currently it is unused in the scipy tree at least.
 It is probably best to deprecate it for 0.8.x and remove it in 0.9.
I may need the functionality later but we've always got version
control in that case.



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