[SciPy-Dev] netcdf expert info needed

Benjamin Root ben.root@ou....
Mon Jun 21 10:59:08 CDT 2010


I need some input from the author of the scipy.io.netcdf module for the
netcdf_variable and createVariable docstrings found at
http://docs.scipy.org/scipy/docs/scipy.io.netcdf.netcdf_variable/ and

I think I need a better description for what can be used to specify the
netcdf_variable's type.  It appears to be a typecode character instead of
the typical dtypes, but I am not 100% if that is true and if this is true
for both docstrings.  Also, it would be nice if there was already a document
that describes valid dtypes that I could reference, or if there is a
specific list of values that are valid here.

Ben Root
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