[SciPy-Dev] Changes to fsolve interface to match recent changes to leastsq interface

Travis Oliphant oliphant@enthought....
Tue Jun 22 20:47:59 CDT 2010

Hi all, 

This is a heads-up in case there are concerns that I recently checked in (to both trunk and 0.8.x branch) a small one-line change to fsolve to mirror the change that was made to leastsq which removes the special-case handling of one-variable problems.

The effect is to ensure that both fsolve and leastsq will continue to have the same interface which now requires less special-case handling because it always returns an array of length 1. 

This is a relatively small, but real semantic change.   While most code will not be bothered by length-1 arrays instead of scalars being returned from fsolve and leastsq for the 1-variable case, it does represent a bit of a change and so should be stated in the release notes. 

The change to leastsq fixes a problem with curve_fit and also arguably simplifies the leastsq API.     


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