[SciPy-Dev] Place for PDF of "ODRPACK User's Guide" on scipy.org?

David Goldsmith d.l.goldsmith@gmail....
Thu Jun 24 21:11:18 CDT 2010

Hi!  Robert's excellent docstring for the odr module had a dead link to the
recommended "ODRPACK User's Guide"; Marcus Boumans provided a live link in
the Discussion area, and I've since incorporated it into the docstring
proper.  One small problem, however: the link is to a PostScript file - no
biggy for posix users (all flavors come standard w/ PS readers IIRC), but an
(admittedly minor) nuisance for Windows users, since if one doesn't already
have a PS reader, one needs to go find one, install it, etc. to be able to
read this.  (I don't recall what the situation is for Mac, but I suspect,
since the OS became unix-based, it's PS friendly out-of-the-box, yes?)
Anyway, I went ahead and created a PDF of the document *and* secured
redistribution permission from Daniel Lozier, Mathematical Software Group
Leader, NIST, 'cause I thought it might be nice of us to provide such a
version of the document, w/ a link to it in the docstring.  If TPTB agree, I
can email both the PDF and the redist. permission email to the appropriate
person to place somewhere on scipy.org.


PS: the PDF is only 607 KB
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