[SciPy-Dev] lfilter segfault with initial condition on windows

Oscar Benjamin oscar.bristol@googlemail....
Thu Mar 4 07:06:34 CST 2010


I've just discovered that a program of mine (which works on my ubuntu 
karmic machine at home) segfaults on win32 at work.

I've made a short test case:

 > #!/usr/bin/env python
 > from numpy import ones
 > from scipy.signal import lfilter
 > x = ones(100)
 > a = ones(5)
 > b = ones(5)
 > zi = ones(4)
 > #xf = lfilter(b, a, x)
 > xf, zf = lfilter(b, a, x, zi=zi)

Swap the comment on the last two lines to prevent segfault. On my 
machine I get the "Unhandled Exception in python.exe" message box (I 
assume this is a segfault).
python 2.6.4
numpy 1.3.0
scipy 0.7.1

I can see a few tickets about problems with memory leaks and segfaults 
with lfilter but they seem to be old and marked as closed. Should I 
expect the above to work? Is this a known issue that's already fixed?


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