[SciPy-Dev] GSoC: scipy porting to py3k

gombiuda JHL gombiuda@gmail....
Tue Mar 30 03:07:43 CDT 2010

Hi all, I would like to take part in porting the scipy to python3.0 in GSoC.

I have been a programmer for 9 years and the first 6 years I focus myself in
algorithm and data structure. I use python for almost 2 years, and have read
part of the python source code. I think I can manage to do this job.

And what I want to ask is, how many people it needs to do the porting? I
don't know how to arrange my time in the proposal. Is there anyone give me a
hand. Thanks a lot.

If possible, please give me some guidelines to follow. Thanks again.

Gombiuda Jiang
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