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Wed Nov 3 07:09:51 CDT 2010

Is fwrap feature complete now for f95?


On Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 6:26 AM, Dag Sverre Seljebotn <
dagss@student.matnat.uio.no> wrote:

> This is just a quick note to inform people that I am currently working
> with Enthought to bring SciPy to the .NET platform. In particular, I
> will work on the Fortran parts of SciPy.
> The primary strategy will be to improve fwrap enough to make it usable
> for SciPy, and then move SciPy over to fwrap instead of f2py. The point
> here is that Carl Witty is already working on a .NET backend for Cython,
> and since fwrap generates Cython code we get the .NET port that way.
> All work is done in Enthought's "refactor" branches for now [1]. The
> intention is certainly to merge back to main eventually, but questions
> of how or when or whether will have to wait; getting things up and
> running on .NET has priority.
> Some details:
>  a) The most important missing feature in fwrap is callbacks. I'm sure
> there are other things I'll have to implement as well.
>  b) The main strategy is to first move (our own branch of) SciPy over
> to fwrap and have that work on CPython, and then move to compiling
> things on .NET
>  c) fwrap does not support g77, only Fortran 90 compilers like
> gfortran/ifort etc. For the purposes of the .NET port this is likely to
> be good enough. Before a merge with the main CPython branch one must
> perhaps look into implementing g77 support in fwrap. I know that David
> C. at least earlier stated that g77 support is not going away anytime
> soon. Feedback on this welcome.
> Dag Sverre
> [1]
> http://github.com/teoliphant/numpy-refactor
> http://github.com/jasonmccampbell/scipy-refactor
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