[SciPy-Dev] Pythonic Simulink clone... - how much interest?

burley burley@zonnet...
Tue Nov 16 05:48:37 CST 2010

Visual modeling support as offered by the Simulink/Matlab and Xcos/Scilab
suites is very powerful, for the modeler as well as in communicating
concepts and ideas to others. Neither is Pythonic or extendable by Python,
unfortunately (disregarding the prohibitively expensiveness of Sim/Matl).
Wouldn't it be *very* nice to have a free (LGPL++?), user extensible, Python
based Simulink alternative, based on Numpy, SciPy,  Wx and/or Qt-like, and
the rest. All (e.g. most of) the algorithms are there, many would benefit. I
know of Viper (Tcl/Tk), Elefant (Bayesian Learning), ... but none of them is
general purpose or flexible in its use. Only a collaborative effort may make
that happen I would believe. What's the community interest in such an
effort? (I for myself am not a GUI programmer...).

-- Burley
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