[SciPy-Dev] ARPACK situation

Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso jordigh@octave....
Mon Aug 8 09:45:21 CDT 2011

(If you missed my first email, this is the context:


and you're receiving this because I thought you were involved with
ARPACK distribution or maintenance.)

On 7 August 2011 22:04, Lehoucq, Richard <rblehou@sandia.gov> wrote:
> Thank you for your well articulated email. ARPACK is the property of
> Rice University and so any "upstream" decision ultimately resides
> with Rice.

I understand.

Can you give us contact information for someone at Rice University who
may could be in a position to decide to change the ARPACK website to
point to a hypothetical community-maintained version of the software?
Addresses like arpack@caam.rice.edu obtained from this website have

Thanks again,
- Jordi G. H.
  GNU Octave Developer

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