[SciPy-Dev] Problem building Scipy: unrecognized command line option "-mp"

Soppelsa Anton anton.soppelsa@igi.cnr...
Mon Aug 22 07:16:19 CDT 2011

On 19/08/2011 19.24, Robert Kern wrote:
> They probably come from environment variables that you have set. Try this:
>    $ env | grep mp
So simple! The environment where I'm trying to compile is densely 
populated and it also defines the

F90FLAGS=-openmp -mp -I/usr/local/vni/imsl/fnl600/lnxin100e64/include
FFLAGS=-openmp -mp -I/usr/local/vni/imsl/fnl600/lnxin100e64/include

variables. Your answer was very useful (searched openmp, as mp is a 
rather common sequence of caracters :) ). Thank you very much for the help!

   A. Soppelsa

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