[SciPy-Dev] adding chkfinite flags to linalg functions

Collin Stocks collinstocks@gmail....
Fri Aug 26 06:15:16 CDT 2011

I am not opposed to making this change, but perhaps in the future (if
someone gets around to it -- maybe me?) it would be cleaner for arrays
to have a flag attached to them that records whether they are known to
(or not to) contain infinite or NaN values. The flag would have to
update itself on assignment to the array, or on calls that could
possibly add NaN's or Inf's to the array.

If the above change were in place, chkfinite would (in most cases) just
look at the flag. Only if the flag said that it did not know would it
have to check the entire array.

Of course, this would require some major changes to NumPy, so I'm in
favor of the current solution proposed in pull request 48 for now.

-- Collin
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