[SciPy-Dev] import scipy.stats hangs in mod_python application

fork forkandwait@gmail....
Sun Aug 28 18:01:00 CDT 2011

Hi all,

This may be really tricky to diagnose, given all the rather weird parameters,
but here goes:

I have a mod_python application that takes a bunch of mortality rates via a
form, and processes them with scipy, numpy, and matplotlib. It is running on a
Gentoo box.  (Gentoo + mod_python seemed like a good idea at the time, but so
did the Edsel... anyway, I still have to maintain this beast...)

In the multitude of files that get loaded when a mod_python based page is
called, there is a line "import scipy.stats as ST".  That line works just great
if I am running python at the command line, but it hangs forever when in the
modpython application; I know this because I have run it both with an exception
before it (barfs on the exception) and after it (just sits there, no errors to
the apache log, etc).

scipy.__version__ 0.9.0

python is 2.7.1

Anybody have any ideas how to fix this or even diagnose it?  

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