[SciPy-Dev] suitesparse vs scipy

Ben Willmore bdeb@willmore...
Tue Aug 30 09:02:48 CDT 2011

Hi Jack,

> Pauli,
>   On x86_64-apple-darwin11, building scypy 0.9.0 against python2.7 using
> the clang compilers and gfortran from FSF gcc 4.6.1, I get the following testsuite
> results...

I'm a scipy novice, probably hanging out on the wrong list, but I know a little bit about most of the errors you're seeing.

There are some differences in calling conventions between Apple's veclib and scipy's expectations which mean that various single-precision functions fail, see here:


This can be fixed by setting 'export FFLAGS=-ff2c' before running/compiling numpy and scipy (*). For me, this fixed all test_blas failures, using a recent git clone. As far as I can tell, it doesn't introduce other problems (i.e. most tests pass).

I tried this with all the standard Lion C compilers, and a couple of different versions of gfortran, with similar results (though llvm has it's own problems (**), and you shouldn't use it). So this is not a question of choosing the right compiler.


(*) The results of my experiments are here:


(**) For instance, ifft(fft(signal)) != signal when using scipy.fftpack

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