[SciPy-Dev] Interactive_Plotting incorrect selection of nearest point

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Wed Jun 1 05:51:37 CDT 2011


I used this script from Scipy's Cookbook

As it is, the distance between two points is not well defined, because  
for selecting the nearest point around where you click, you want to  
minimize the distance in pixels, not depending on different scales for  
x and y coordinates. So I suggest this correction (divide coordinates  
by the scale of each axis):

   def __init__(self, xdata, ydata, annotes, axis=None, xtol=None, ytol=None):
     self.data = zip(xdata, ydata, annotes)
     self.xrange = max(xdata) - min(xdata)
     self.yrange = max(ydata) - min(ydata)
   def __call__(self, event):
     if event.inaxes:
       clickX = event.xdata
       clickY = event.ydata
       if self.axis is None or self.axis==event.inaxes:
         annotes = []
         for x,y,a in self.data:
           if  clickX-self.xtol < x < clickX+self.xtol and   
clickY-self.ytol < y < clickY+self.ytol :
annotes.append((self.distance(x/self.xrange,clickX/self.xrange,y/self.yrange,clickY/self.yrange),x,y, a)  

Julien Delafontaine

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