[SciPy-Dev] Numpy and Scipy build with bento

David Cournapeau cournape@gmail....
Thu Jun 16 18:12:48 CDT 2011


	I finally have a scipy branch ready to build scipy with bento+waf.
While there are still some rough edges, it already has a few interesting

		- automatic dependency handling and parallel build supported
		  thanks to waf
		- if you know waf, you should be able to customize the build at
		  will. For example, using clang instead of gcc, using the MKL
		  instead of ATLAS should be fairly straightforward.
		- bento scripts are 1/3 smaller than distutils ones
		- built and tested on mac os x and ubuntu (windows will
                  definitely not work ATM)

For people who are familiar with numscons, I expect the bento build to be
almost on-part with numscons, except that bento can also do the distribution
stuff (build eggs, windows installers, etc...), and much more integrated.

To try it, just get the bento_waf_build branch of scipy (on
github.com/cournape/scipy.git), and follow the instructions in BENTO_BUILD.txt



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