[SciPy-Dev] Advertise on python3 support?

Ralf Gommers ralf.gommers@googlemail....
Mon Jun 20 15:36:03 CDT 2011

On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 5:01 PM, Xavier Gnata <xavier.gnata@gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> Looking at http://www.scipy.org/  it is not obvious to find info on the
> numpy/scipy python3 support (welldon't even find this statement at all
> on scipy.org.).

> Is there a plan to advertise a bit more on that support?
> I think it is needed because it would clearly show to other packages
> maintainers that the trend to python3 has started.
> I've added this to the FAQ. There may be some more places this could be
mentioned. The website needs a little attention anyway, there has been an
open issue about the license not being mentioned on the front page for a
long time.

It would be great to have a volunteer for improving the site.

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