[SciPy-Dev] Many errors/failures running scipy.test() using latest numpy and scipy

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Tue Jun 21 11:15:07 CDT 2011

Tue, 21 Jun 2011 10:51:18 -0500, Benjamin Root wrote:
> The first error has to do with the netcdf file (I thought that was fixed
> by now?). Then, some of the errors are related to the gmres module (I
> see that is already known).  Then, there are many errors for
> "test_arpack.test_real_nonsymmetric_modes",
> "test_arpack.test_complex_nonsymmetric_modes", and
> "test_arpack.test_hermitian_modes". Lastly, there is a single failure
> for "test_morestats.TestAnderson".
> I hope this is useful.

All of the ARPACK failures are GMRES-related.

These appear to be very strongly platform-dependent for some reason.
I don't see them, and it is somewhat difficult to believe that the
calculation could be this unstable because of rounding error.

Can you check if your GMRES works at all, i.e., try a simple 6 x 6
complex-valued matrix? The current test cases don't actually cover
it properly, and at least Gfortran 4.5.2 does miscompile the GMRES
routines in some cases. Not sure about 4.6.0 that you use, but
compiler issues remain a possibility (esp. since it is a .0 release).

Maybe using a different gfortran version makes these go away?

F90=gfortran-4.4 python setup.py build


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