[SciPy-Dev] Git move complete

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Wed Mar 9 13:17:46 CST 2011

Dear all,

The development repository for Scipy from now on resides at


Further development should be based on it. We keep the SVN up, but it is 
read-only starting now.

Let me know if you notice something strange in the converted repo or the 
history. It's pretty unlikely that anything is wrong, though.


Not all the core developers have push permissions there yet --- so please 
create github accounts (if you don't have them yet), and contact the 
people listed at https://github.com/scipy/ to get them.

All the documentation etc. on the various websites we have isn't yet 
updated, so if you want to give a hand, fix checkout instructions if you 
come across them.


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